Take a Break at Deerbrook Mall

Whether it's an afternoon snack, a hot cup of coffee or a relaxing meal with friends or family, take a break to recharge, refuel and indulge in a variety of dining options.

Full Service Restaurants

Casa Ole
Level 2, near Sears

Quick Service Restaurants

Famous Cajun Grill
Level 2, near AMC Theatres
Great Wraps
Level 2, near AMC Theatres
More than two decades ago, Great Wraps pioneered the combination of chef-inspired recipes, HOT-OFF-THE-GRILL freshness, and phenomenal flavors that were all wrapped up for guests right before their eyes. This unique food experience made Great Wraps an instant franchise hit, and a favorite with customers in regional malls, airports, business districts, and near college campuses.
Roman Delight Pizza
Level 2, near AMC Theatres

Snacks & Drinks

Bambu Deerbrook
Level 1, near Dick's Sporting Goods
Level 2, near AMC Theatres
B & B Newsstand
Level 1, near JCPenney